Ethan, Media Makeup Level 2

I came to college because media makeup wasn’t offered at school or many other places.

Media makeup interests me because I’m very into special effects and so thought this was the best way to get into the industry. There’s a lot of makeup and creative drawing involved, the course in general encourages other ways to be creative. I really enjoy it!

The best thing about college is that it’s a nice environment.

The classrooms are quite big and we have small class sizes so you get a lot of space to work and lots of individual attention from the teacher.

The course itself is very hands-on. Lots of practical work which is how I learn best.

I recently took part in a media makeup competition and I won. It was done at home so it wasn’t super intense but it’s shown that I’m good at what I’m doing. I was so happy about it!

Compared to school, college is a lot quicker.

Because you’re only doing one course, you learn stuff that’s only specific to you compared to learning everything at school. You have to be super spontaneous, it’s not very routine, no day is the same and you don’t know what you’ll be doing. You’ve got to be used to change.

I want to be a special effects makeup artist for film and TV after college.

This course has definitely given me the skills I need. The college’s connections have also given me a lot of insight into how the business side of it works and insight into the industry.

I’ve become more sure of myself. I know what I’m doing, I’ve gained more confidence in how to work a lot quicker and be more efficient.

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