Anne, Accountancy, Level 4

I am currently studying AAT level 4 (Accountancy) at Reading College, after completing level 2/3 (fast track), where I attained a distinction and a merit.

My background is in biological sciences, in which I hold a bachelor’s degree. I worked within the science industry for 14 years as an analytical chemist for an agrochemical company, in which my main role was to identify and measure pesticide residues by gas-chromatography mass-spectrometry. My work took a change of direction in the later years, when I took an interest in the administration side of science, working in the purchasing department. This broadened my interest in business and finance.

I now work for Waterman Solutions Ltd, a local IT business specialising in IT support for schools and SMEs. It is here where I am responsible for the bookkeeping of the business accounts.

I decided to attend college to attain a qualification in bookkeeping and accountancy. Activate Learning at Reading College was able to offer me the flexibility I needed to balance my studies with my work and young family. I am happy to say that I am on the final stage of my 2 year course and I am looking forward to receiving the level 4 certificate when I complete my final exam.

The college have been so supportive and the lecturers are always happy to help with any concerns and difficulties I have with the course. With their support and assistance and my own determination, I feel this commitment to the course has been really valuable to me. It has opened the door to more job opportunities and strengthened my knowledge. And beyond this I have the opportunity to become a MAAT (a Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians).