Charlie, Performing Arts Level 3

Why Banbury and Bicester College?

I chose Banbury and Bicester College because they offered the best curriculum. Sixth form didn’t feel like the right path for me to go down and other colleges I looked at offered subject areas that wouldn’t have helped me gain as much experience as I have now.

A supportive environment where you can follow your interests

After college, I’m looking at possibly getting into the set and backstage at West End shows or films. My teachers haven’t made me stick to the curriculum given by the exam boards. Instead of having to act, they have allowed me to specialise in what I enjoy, letting me gain experience in the set and the logistics of how to put on a performance. It’s allowed me to see different areas of the industry, I’ve looked into lighting, sound and managing a performance in its production stage.

I definitely feel supported by my teachers. I was one of the first students who wanted to specialise only in the production side of the course. For the first year, I did both production and acting but as the course has progressed, they’ve supported me more in what I enjoy. Because I’m specialising in production, my coursework is a bit different. My teachers have guided and supported me with this, helping me find the best ways of writing and laying it out.

Our course can be demanding and our teachers refer us back to the college’s attributes for success quite a lot. Mentioning which attributes we use in our projects helps us guide our work and if there are any issues on the course, using the attributes can help overcome them.

The learning facilities

The facilities are good and the spaces are great areas to work in. We have a workshop just around the corner and there’s media across the road so if we need to a borrow a camera we can.

I’ve had opportunities to go and work in theatres outside of college too. Getting to work in a professional theatre and using the space as it would for a real show has given me that extra bit of experience and knowledge.

Would you recommend this course?

I would definitely recommend this course as it’s unique and there are many different angles you can take with it.

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