If you love working with your hands you could become a carpenter, site foreman or surveyor.

Our programmes focus heavily on the practical elements of learning: working in industry placements and practising in our college’s excellent facilities.

As well as general construction multi-skills we also run courses specifically for:

  • carpentry

As well as deepening your knowledge of the construction industry, you will develop the expertise and knowledge required to enter the industry at an advanced stage, or to progress to university to prepare for a career in construction management. The sector is well-paying, and there are opportunities to progress from an apprenticeship to self-employed trade specialist or a project-manager role in a multi-national company.

Our teachers have years of experience within construction and will share with you the knowledge and expertise you need to succeed. What’s more, our students get to work on employer-led projects reflecting the real-life challenges construction companies face daily.

The sector pays well and there are opportunities to progress from Activate Learning to wherever your heart takes you; from a self-employed trade specialist, to a project-manager role at a multinational company!

Whatever your skills and interests, our teachers have decades of combined experience within construction and will share the knowledge and expertise you need to succeed.

The wider construction sector—including contracting, materials manufacturing, and associated professional services—employs around 3.1 million people, which equates to roughly 9% of the UK workforce.

One of the reasons for the strength of this industry is that the roles can be so varied, and all are crucial to construction projects, whether large or small. Plumbers and electricians are necessary to install systems and carry out repairs, carpenters, bricklayers and construction workers interpret designs and create structures, site foremen supervise teams and architects design and develop specifications for buildings. The construction industry offers many career opportunities to progress once you gain your qualification.

Industry partnerships

Sherrie, Construction Level 3 I thought that I’d struggle to get an apprenticeship straight away, so I came to college to get some experience first.
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