A Levels, Science and GCSES

A Levels are more than just a continuation of your time at school.

Please note that we do not offer A Levels at Banbury and Bicester College. Your nearest offering is at City of Oxford College.

Studying A Levels gives you the opportunity to specialise in the subjects that interest you the most.

You’ll be taking responsibility for your own study; with our help, you can identify your interests and strong points and think about your next steps after college.

You’ll also be keeping your options open: A Levels are versatile, internationally-recognised qualifications that are highly valued by employers and can help you gain entry to any university in the country. All A Levels, no matter the subject, will help you improve your communication skills and prove that you are capable of high-level academic work. So, if you haven’t decided yet on a career or further study, A Levels can help you keep your options open. During your time with us, we’ll also help you to pursue additional activities, both to broaden your skills and prepare yourself for life after college. Some students take up internships during the summer.

You can pick a choice of three A Levels from our business, science, communication, and social sciences pathways.

If you are focused on a career in science, our full-time science programmes offer you the opportunity to specialise in applied science, forensic science, or applied psychology; providing the equivalent points for university progression.

Make a fresh start with your learning in our safe and engaging campus and gain more independence and autonomy over your learning.

Here, you’re trusted to create and manage your own schedule and with loads of subjects to choose from, our enthusiastic tutors can help you pick the areas to study to get you closer to your goals.

During your studies with us, you’ll gain the skills, knowledge and attributes you need to make a success of your next step, whether that’s university, an apprenticeship or entering work.

Don’t have the GCSEs you were hoping for, or want to improve your grades? We also offer one-year, full-time programmes for 16–19-year olds who want to improve their GCSE grades.

Every year, hundreds of our students go on to study higher-level programmes at almost 100 top universities across the UK and abroad. Recently this has included 18 of the world-class Russell Group’s 24 universities, such as University of Oxford, Newcastle University and King’s College, London.

Lilly, Forensic Science Level 3 You learn so much, it’s not just education, you build yourself up as well. Even though you’re studying a certain subject, you learn about yourself and your skills, it’s a fantastic overall experience. 
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