New student guide to awarding grades PDF by Ofqual

We know that this year, your grades will be based on assessments, mocks and coursework that your teachers will submit. Ofqual has produced a helpful guide on what’s in place for awarding grades in the summer and guidance on how these grades will be decided.

The Ofqual Assessment Information guide sets out how these grades will be awarded and when these will be released. The guide also includes information about:

  • Time frames for awarding grades
  • How grades will be determined and what evidence is required for this
  • Results days
  • How the appeals process will work if you think your grade is wrong
  • How vocational and technical qualifications will be awarded
  • Important advice on where students can go for support after results day and further support information including mental health support.

Download the Ofqual Student Guide to Awarding Summer 2021 PDF.