Exam Access Arrangements

9 March, 2021

We want to reassure our students that Activate Learning is taking advice and following closely the guidelines that are being issued by the various awarding organisations for students who have learning difficulties and disabilities.

Although it has been a difficult few months, we plan to help you with the exam access arrangements process, just as in any normal year. Our teaching staff will take account of your exam access arrangements when they are working out your final grades.

We are working hard to make sure that it is a fair process for everyone. Of course, we have to continue to protect you and our staff and keep everyone safe.

If you have already been contacted and seen by the specialist assessment team, that’s great. The faculty teachers will take your exam access arrangements into account when you are taking any assessments in class, so you should get your extra time, rest breaks and so on.

Your teachers will collect evidence of this. If you have extra time, you should be prepared to change pen colour or ink colour when using your extra time.

For those of you who had reader or a scribe in the past, you may be encouraged to use assistive technology (such as a computer reader) and to use a laptop or PC instead of a scribe. You should practise with these technologies, so that you are used to them.

If you have already told us that you had an exam access arrangement in the past, but have not yet been seen, then someone from the specialist assessment team will contact you soon. You may get a phone call and you might have an online discussion of what exam arrangements you have had in the past.

You might need to have a further assessment of your needs. This could be online. Some of you may be asked to meet the specialist assessor in college. Once all this has happened, then your information will be passed onto the Faculty team.

There are a few things that will help us: if you have been asked to sign and return a Data Protection Form, do this and send it in as soon as possible.

Please send us any reports from your previous school, if you have not already done this. If you have a medical need, make sure that you have given us a copy of the letter or report from your hospital consultant, or other medical professional. The specialist assessor will talk to you about this.

The best way to contact the specialist assessors is through the assessment mailbox. Choose the mailbox for your college:

Banbury and Bicester assessment-bbc@activatelearning.ac.uk

City of Oxford assessment-ox@activatelearning.ac.uk

Blackbird Leys assessment-bbl@activatelearning.ac.uk

Guildford assessment-gc@activatelearning.ac.uk

Farnham assessment-fc@activatelearning.ac.uk

Merrist Wood assessment-mw@activatelearning.ac.uk

Bracknell assessment-bwc@activatelearning.ac.uk

Reading assessment-rdg@activatelearning.ac.uk

Please email us at the address above if you have any questions or queries. The team will be happy to help you.

Also, please regularly check your colleges’ news section or Covid-19 safety page for more updates.