Banbury and Bicester College revives the local arts and entertainment industry

The Revival of the art and entertainment industry became the forefront of Activate Learning’s Banbury and Bicester College this week, following the first open to the public show since the start of the pandemic. 

The Revival art exhibition opened with a private viewing event for close friends and family on Thursday 24 June. The exhibition is open to the public until Friday 2 July. The show is a collection of work from students of all levels, exhibiting a plethora of art forms from abstract light installations, cultural inspired fashion garments and conceptual photography and video.

Students created a masterful exhibition using all of the spaces inside the art and media building at Banbury and Bicester College, showcasing the high-standard facilities. Guests were left asking questions and impressed by the variety of creative and innovative ideas and techniques used.

Banbury Creative Industries Exhibition

An array of different art styles including painting, life studies, printing, sculpture, photography, 3D art, costume design, mixed media and graphic communication were exhibited.

Media students presented different styles including documentaries, music videos, radio shows, as well as conceptual and abstract photography and videos.

Creative Industries learners took inspiration from a range of topics such as nature, current affairs, the environment and identity.


“The course has given me a lot of freedom to explore and try things that were completely out of my comfort zone, particularly for my final major project,” Jessica, who produced a projection piece using oranges explains.

“My project explores art and science and focuses on rebirth. I looked at crystallisation and the northern lights and the symbolism of rebirth. I was inspired by other artists who use crystallisation, light refraction and projection. I took inspiration from each of these techniques as well as the deeper meaning of the northern lights which symbolise birth and moving on.

“My plan after this is to study the Art and Design HND course at Banbury and Bicester College and in the future, progress onto a master’s course in Scientific Illustration.”

While the art and entertainment industry is still on a halt, students at Banbury and Bicester College prove that art and entertainment lives on and this show is the start of the Revival of the sector.

Dress created by a student

Catalina Marin, Activate Learning’s Regional Director of Delivery for Creative Industries, Oxfordshire said: “The private show marks the end of such a challenging year however, more importantly, it provides students with a platform to showcase their wonderful and original work.

“The students’ resilience, ambition and determination is evident throughout and I’m incredibly proud of everything they have achieved. Staff have done a fantastic job and I am so thankful for their enthusiasm. Families and friends have helped make the events so successful with a really positive atmosphere.”

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