Additional funding for bursaries available now

Additional bursary funds will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, to students who meet our general eligibility criteria as per below, and who need financial support:

  • For students aged 16-18, 19+ LLDD students with EHCPs, or students aged 19 continuing on a course started aged 16-18, the household income should be £27,000 or less
    For students aged 19+, the household income should be £30,000 or less (except 19+ students already referenced above)

Please note that students who do not meet our general eligibility criteria may still be awarded a bursary, if they include a statement explaining any significant extenuating circumstances. For example, the number of children in their household.

For more information regarding the bursaries we offer, including how to apply, please visit the Finance support and bursaries webpage.

Any students who have already been awarded a bursary should email FEbursaries@activatelearning.ac.uk to let Student Finance know about the support they need or complete a course costs form and attach receipts for the essential items they have bought. This form can either be handed in at the Advice Centre or submitted via email.